Things are changing fast eh? SO this is whats been going down camp db -

1. One of us has taken up chain smoking
2. One of us attempted growing a moustache, Got fed up with having to point out it was there, had a hissy fit + shaved= fail
3. One of us spent the weekend in “Madchester” and had a lil drink in a toilet turned pub…?! = dirty
4. One of us checked out of rehab
5. One of us checked in to rehab

And to cap the week off we had some sexy photos taken for your pleasure…also some sik sik sik remixes we’ve done for other bands and other bands have done for us will be en route, cute ain’t it?
Oh and we’ve all been getting into this new phenomena thats making waves with the kids at the moment called “HIP-HOP” its when people talk over music/beats…fascinating, heres a taster below of one of the leading pioneers in this art….sexy future dbxx