Hate girls who talk about their guy…..so if you’re not one of them come to our single Launch @ The Wheelbarrow, Kentish Town, London Wednesday 21st March FREE ENTRY Db xx

One night in Decibels Towers

Cheap Skates

“Two things in life are infinite: The universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe” – Albert Fucking Einstein Bit of wisdom for you there….SO in the next month we’ve got quite few FREEBIES lined up for your pleasure, remixes, videos, free tracks, etc….So watch this space, Check out our gigs page...


So 2012…DEBUT single the LESSER is released on label SERIOUS TYPES on Wednesday 21st March, to mark this we iz having a FREE shingdig in LONDON to celebrate, we’ll have some copies of the single with B side “TURN FROM THE LIGHT” @ the single release. All we ask is the following - 1.DRESS SEXY...

Brand New Music in Motion

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Pod creatures aplenty

Following being on Huw Stephen’s Radio 1 show, we’re also on his followup podcast. The Lesser is first up to break your ears in for the show, so lend said ears to the link below. Download or listen to the Podcast here